Tuesday, March 9, 2010


It was my great ambition to clear WPF exam and became a MCTS from the day I started developing in WPF.Yesterday I achieved that.After getting the certification I was just thinking what are the benefits of taking such a certification? Even one of my colleague asked me what you are going to earn by writing these exams? Is it just because company is paying me the fees?

Absolutely no.There are some benefits as a developer.One is “We will get full coverage of WPF”.Second we gets some sort of “recognition in the community” .Third ,we can have the MCTS logo in our resume.The last benefit is our certification will help our company to get or retain partnership with Microsoft.

I don’t care about the last 3 points .Normally people does certification for that.If you elaborate the first point we can see the real benefit of certification.The coverage I meant is about the different areas in WPF.The certification includes all most all areas of WPF including 3D. Even if a person is working in WPF from the beginning, the chance for him to work in 3D is very less.That means he may know anything about 3D programming which is a great feature in WPF.By going for certification he needs to have a little knowledge about 3D programming in WPF using ViewPort3D,Camera etc…

Even I learnt different usages of documents only because of the preparation for the MCTS Exam.So try to get certified in the technology and move smoothly in the fast moving tech world.