Thursday, May 3, 2007

Advantages of WPF & .net3

Some advantages of WPF ,I found while working with WPF
  1. Cool applications in less time.
  2. Effective use of Graphics card.Highly suitable for high end /upcoming computers.
  3. We can create 3D scenes very easily.(Using ViewPort3D)
  4. Databinding
  5. Built in Animation
  6. Templates & Styles
  7. Resource management
  8. Content control mechanism.
  9. XAML(Designer and developer can work independently)
  10. XBAP
  11. Silverlight (WPF/e)
  12. Same programming model for windows & web
  13. Retained mode graphics (No need to draw in the OnPaint event.Everything automatic)
  14. Supports most of the media/document formats natively


  1. WPF/e doesnt have support to add controls in it.Hope they implement it soon.
  2. We need to go for another software (Blend)if we want to design a good looking interface.VS should have all the facilities what Blend does now.
  3. No MDI child mode.


  1. WPF separates code from GUI can you explain me in detail

  2. Of Course.
    In early days we used to create UI by coding itself.Eg VC++ in VS 6.0.But When it come to .Net we got an option to create these UI elements in a separate file named yourform.designer.cs.

    In WPF this got more advancement.Here we use a xml like lang called XAML to create UI.XAML defines all the UI elements like button,textbox etc..The logic is written in it's coresponding .cs file.Thus the GUI is separate from code.We can manipulate GUI independently too...
    Hope this helps

  3. Thanks.
    As I am a beginner of WPF, I have no comments.