Friday, April 20, 2007

Vista theme support in XP using WPF

This wont change the look and feel of the Window as in Vista ie the transparent window title.But changes the look and feel of the elements (Button,Combo etc) inside that Window.


  1. Is ther ea way to change the look of the window titles to have the vista look and feel?

  2. My first answer is no.But I am not sure on that .Need to search more.

  3. I was not sure if there was a way to change the look of the window titles to look like Vista in WPF or not. If we use the widely published code
    "PresentationFramework.Aero" under the Window.Resources section that makes the rest of the WPF form have all the vista controls and look, but not the window border. I know there are several addons that you can use for that, but just wondered if there was a WPF command because apparently Microsoft is doing it. Media Player and the Windows Live applications are set up that way, and I am guessing they probably used WPF to develop them to showcase their own product.

    Thanks for the time - I appreciate you getting back to me.

    Have a great day!